What is The Purpose of a Personal Trainer? How can you benefit from it?

A Personal Trainer is an Individual that has the knowledge to give instruction in exercise. They motivate their clients through setting goals to be achieved. They measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. They monitor improvements in your physical fitness.

Purposes of a Personal Trainer that can be beneficial to your well-being

1. Assessing your overall Fitness and Health: This Assessment will familiarise the trainer with your level of fitness, your lifestyle and possible health risks.

2. Planning a Fitness Program: Through discussing your fitness needs, the trainer can write your fitness program and you can together decide on goals for your fitness.

3. Proper Exercise: The correct exercise can improve your health outcomes as well as an improved body composition.

4. Motivation: A Personal Trainer will motivate, and encourage you towards your goals in an instructional way.

5. Pays Close Attention: A trainer will watch and guide you throughout, paying close attention to your workout routine and providing nutritional advice where needed. A Personal Trainer will modify your exercises according to your fitness level changes.

All in all, a Personal Trainer’s main purpose is to help their clients to become healthier. They will demonstrate all exercises and routines to make sure their clients understand and perform it correctly. A Personal Trainer will assist clients in exercises to minimize the probability of injury and also to promote fitness.

If a Personal Trainer suspects that a client has an underlying medical condition that can prevent them from safely participating in an exercise program, they must refer the client to a health professional that can declare them fit for exercise.

Personal Trainers can also educate their clients in other aspects of Wellness other than exercise. This can include guidelines towards General Health and Nutrition.