Fast Facts on your Daily Calorie Intake and Energy Requirements

Recommended Calorie Intake depends on several factors. Calorie Intake even differs from country to country. Health authorities around the world find it difficult to agree on how many Calories should ideally be consumed by a person.

Fast Facts and Key Points on Calorie Intake

Many Factors influence the number of Calories each individual needs for maintaining a healthy body and mind.
Facts that Influence Calorie Intake:

1. Age. The older you get, you might need fewer Calories because you won’t need as much energy. You still need all the nutrients and a balanced diet. Whereas when you are younger, you are physically more active. Children that are still growing also need more Calories.

2. Being Female or Male. Even with the difference between countries’ Health authorities, they do agree that a Man needs approximately 500 Calories more than a Woman per day.

3. Size. A bigger person will need more Calories to maintain a bigger body.

4. Lifestyle. Your Lifestyle directly affects your Calorie intake because it depicts what kinds of food you eat each day, when, you eat, and how much you eat.

5. Overall General Health. When suffering from an illness, or allergies, the treatment may require the banning of certain foods. You then need to acquire the needed Calories from the food you are allowed to consume.

When food is eaten can matter just as much as the number of Calories consumed. Eating a big breakfast has far bigger potential than eating late at night.